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Dates and Facts

General information about Triops longicaudatus can be find in "Triops longicaudatus". Here you can read information about behavior and appearance.Triops longicaudatus longicaudatus

There is a high variety of colors. This species lives in USA, there are probably no two places where they look the same. There are always small differences in color.
They have a light green to silver carapce and red endopodits. Some Triops longicaudatus longicaudatus are speckled dark, others are bright speckled and others are not speckled at all. Triops aus Nordamerika: Dunkle FärbungYou can say, The more the Triops comes from North, the darker it is. The more it comes from South, the brighter it is. Nothern Triops are more greenish and speckled, southern ones aremore silver. Typisch: Rote BlattbeinchenBoth of them have red legs.
But there is more variaation of colors than you can imagine.The most famous of them are Black Beauty, which is dark brown to black; Yellow or Golden Triops, which has a yellow Südliche Vertreter sind heller gefärbtCarapace and red eyes; and Multicolor, has a speckled Carapace, it lives in kansas.
All of those are autogam. But there are also populations which are gonochoric. It is special to this populations that they are colored Triops longicaudatus: Carapax ist nicht gesprenkeltdark red.
All those variations are offered in trade. But they are more rare and expensive than the normal Triops longicaudatus longicaudatus, which you can buy for a favorable price.Triops longicaudatus longicaudatus bewegen sich äußerst viel
Triops longicaudatus longicaudatus has the same body parts as other species of Triops. Its carapce is medium and oval, its tail is very long and spiky and its legs are small and short so they dont protrude outside of the carapace.
The bahavior is very agile. Triops longicaudatus longicaudatus likes to swim often on the watersurface. It grows very quick at higher temperatures. Also it is very cannibalistic: Often only a few animals survive in breeding because smaller and weaker ones are eaten by older and bigger ones.