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Daten & Fakten

Amercas most widespreaded shield shrimpsTriops longicaudatus (LECONTE, 1846; lat. longus – lng, cauda – tail: long tailed Triops) lives iin North- and Southamerica.
This is a younger genus, but younger is relative: Triops longicaudatus has been on earth for at least 100Mio years. But unlike cancriformis Triops, which is already 220 million years old, Triops longicaudatus is still a baby.
The species is p
robably a mix of Triops granarius and Triops newberryi that have crossed long ago when the continents of the earth were closer together.
Triops longicaGeographic rangeudatus is the most common species sold in shops of all species. Because they have been token from the wild about 100 years ago and they have been bred to thousands in laboratories, so it is offered at an unbeatable price. Many toy manufacturers exploit this, and put intLearn biology playfully - Triops longicaudatuso their sets always Triops longicaudatus.
Another reason for the succe
ss of this type is the good cultivability. Triops longicaudatus has a high temperature tolerance, 18 to 30°C. Also its able to survive high fluctuations. So breeding this species will probably be succesfull. But: If you want the animals feeling comfortable the temperature should not be under 22°C.Triops longicaudatus longicaudatus
Triops longicaudatus is not protected by law. Especially in semi-deserts in USA you can find Triops longicaudatus, where is an excellent habitat.
This species has only two subspecies: Triops longicaudatus longicaudatus and Triops longicaudatus intermedius, but they have almost no differnces.
Triops longicaudatus (those which are offered in stores) is autogam,what means, that there are almost no males. But also there are gonochoric populations of Triops longicaudatus, they are rarer and more expensive.