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Dates and Facts

Triops cancriformis 'minor', fossilTriops cancriformis minor (Trusheim,1938)was named by a mistake. The first fossils which were found, were mistakenly assigned to Triops cancriformis. The conclusion was that today's Triops cancriformis had to evolve from Triops cancriformis minor. If you look at the fossils, you can quite believe that. Triops cancriformis minor was a bit smaller than today's Triops, but showed some similarities. However, there are some obvious differences: the antennae are missing, also the carapace has an entirely different form as the carapace of Triops cancriformis. The shape of the mandibles is different. Because of this, and other small differences a relation to Triops cancriformis can be ruled out, as well as a relation to Lynceites ornatus. Because Triops cancriformis minor was bigger than Lynceites ornatus and is also fossilized with tail. So Triops cancriformis minor gets another name soon. Probably an entirely new kind of Shield-shrimp (Notostraca) will be set up .

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