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Dates and Facts

Triops australiensis australiensis Weibchen


Triops australiensis (SPENCER & HALL 1895, lat. australiensis – australian) is the australian genus of Triops. It is spread all around in Australia, a subspecies can be found in Madagascar. In this species there is often some confusion about subspecies and the mode of reproduction. In all articles about Triops australienes misunderstandings are to be cleared up and all information so far should be gathered.

Triops australiensis: Verbreitung
In the early 2000s the first Triops australiensis came to Germany. But that was not the 'basic ' Triops australiensis australiensis, it was an species which is, according the 'producer', from Queesland. So the species was known as Triops australiensis (Queensland). This species name is obsolete, because we now know that this species, most likely, is of American origin.
Later the real 'basic' species came to Germany, Triops australiensis australiensis. Its also autogamous but its told to have an slightly increased male toll. Another sub-species is Triops australiensis sakalavus which lives in Madagascar. It is gonochoristic.


Triops australiensis (Queensland), wird oft mit Triops longicaudatus verwechselt

  1. In various image portals on the internet can images be found which are not to be assigned to Triops australiensis. The animals are reddish-brown and have a large number of males. I [Adri] guess that these animals are a gonochoristic strain of Triops australiensis australiensis, because the females show a similar appearance to the commercially available Triops australiensis australiensis. But this could not be proved yet.
  2. Maybe the former Triops australiensis (Queensland) is actually Triops longicaudatus intermedius which can be found in New Caledonia. There is no evidence, but a lot of indication. First of all, New Caledonia is close to Australia, specifically close to the state of Queensland. It is conceivable that Triops longicaudatus intermedius came there in any way, either on ships or in birds that had eaten the eggs. In addition, according to Alan LONGHURST these animals are very similiar to Triops longicaudatus which can be found America. This similarity could also be found in so called Triops australiensis Queensland. In addition, studies confirm that it is likely that these animals are an American species.
    So its likely that any
    Triops autraliensis-holder in fact owns Triops longicaudatus intermedius.