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We entrust each user of primeval-shrimps.com to read these rules and follow them to avoid trouble.

1.Racist or pornographic content, and harassment of users are strictly prohibited. Users who do will be blocked without warning, effective immidiately

2. Insults and unfriendliness of any kind, whether in posts, user name, or in private messages are prohibited. In such case, the moderator feels compelled to warn or block users.

3.Content and images of other websites must be approved by the site owner for publication on our site. If this permission is granted, it's thievery - primeval-shrimps.com assumes no liability

4. Titles of threads like "Help!" Or "Urgent!" are not allowed. The title must include an overview of the topic of the thread.

5. The search function is to use absolutelybefore opening a new thread to avoid multiple threads and to keep the overview. It is allowed to bring up an old topic, if there is still a question.

6. Posts without any information like ("Thanks" "Good luck", etc.) will be removed without warning, when a user posts often things like that, because of suspected rank-rising by senseless posts. We also reserve the right to put double or multiple postings, that were made within 24 hours, together in one post.

7. Objectivity is a prerequisite in this forum for a pleasant interaction and absolutely necessary for the existence of the website. It is desired to use the off-topic should a discussion, on a topic that has nothing to do with primeval-shrimps and breeding, be held.

8. Please apply spelling, grammar and punctuation. If there is no improvement or deterioration on purpose to provocate, that will be seen as insult. Moderators will arrange how to handle.

9. Advertising for other sites about primeval-shrimps is not desired, but links to other sites or shops are allowed.

10.1.Multiple accounts / registrations per user will not be tolerated and will be deleted without warning.
10.2. Users who use the acces and same IP address for special reasopn, are requested to inform the Chairto avoid problems. Of course this information will be checked for its accuracy in every detail. If it turns out that the information is wrong, 10.1 becomes effective immidiately.

11. Trading and exchanging is permitted. Since primeval-shrimps.com is not a market place, it is not allowed to set requests or offers immediatly after registration. The team will delete these posts, if the user has been registered for less than a month and has less than 30 Posts. It's primarily about exchange experience and knowledge and not goods.

We ask for your understanding and for respecting these rules.

Primeval-Shrimps.com - Team